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AirMods LLC

We provide aircraft structural design engineering and fabrication services to aircraft modification centers who may be overloaded or short on experienced structural design or fabricaton capabilities. We have degreed engineers and technicians with decades of experience in aircraft modifications, including special missions, ADS-B and other avionics upgrades, antenna installations, freighter conversions, firefighting aircraft, and interior completions for general aviation, business, commercial, and commercial derivative aircraft.

AirMods LLC is a member of NBAA and NDIA

NAICS Code: 336413

CAGE Code: 856S7

our advantages


Schedule management is a priority for our customers. We respond to most requests within minutes.

Comprehensive support

We perform on-site surveys, on-site installation support and can 3D-print mockup parts to ensure proper fit-up before fabrication.


We honor all Non-Disclosure Agreements and customer Trade Secret data.

Who we are

AirMods LLC provides responsive, on-demand engineering and fabrication support for a wide range of aircraft integrators performing avionics upgrades, special mission modifications such as ISR, weather research or firefighting, interior modifications and more.

We adapt our engineering drawings to customer templates and formats as required so you can present them as your own, or we can provide our own templates if needed.

We use 3D scanners, photos and measuring tools for collecting survey data, Solidworks for modeling and drawing creation, and a 3D printer with a 12" x 12" x 24" print volume for creating engineering mockups for fit checks.

  • Business Aircraft

  • Special Mission Mods

  • Engineering Drafting Support

  • Commercial Aircraft

Client Feedback

It's refreshing to have an engineering firm that keeps things moving in spite of obvious hurdles. Your dedication to our business success is appreciated by all.


Avionics Client

The delivery timeline and quality of data required to maintain this project on our tight shedule were exceptional. We very much appreciate your ability to accommodate this project on such short notice.


Avionics Client

The drawings look great to me. I like how closely you have matched our style and general content.


Special Missions Client

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