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After six and a half years, hundreds of projects and dozens of new friends and customers, AirMods LLC is closing its doors as of October 30, 2020. Our business plan was to be well-diversified and support many companies with outsourced engineering and manufacturing support, but it turns out that this plan is no longer feasible during the largest business downturn in aviation history. We were on track for a record year, but it is now clear that it will take far too long for the industry to recover for it to make sense for us to continue operations. I would like to thank all our our employees, customers and suppliers who joined us on this adventure and wish everyone the best during this difficult time. Best Regards, Todd Bailey, President
aircraft turret mount
Equpment Mounts
Aircraft Equipment Mounts

Our specialty is designing and building mounts for adding sensors, turrets, mission consoles, instrument panels, control panels, antennas, ballistic parachute systems, armaments and all kinds of other equipment to your aircraft. We've mounted Wescam MX-10, MX-15, MX-20 and MX-25 turrets, Trakka equpment, Aerocomputers, Troll and Churchill processors, Avalex, zMicro and MacroBlue displays, laser arming panels, wing hardpoints, belly hardpoints, seat pallets, and many other items.

Cessna 206 aircraft special mission console
Mission Consoles
Special Mission Consoles

We have designed and fabricated custom aircraft mission consoles for the Cessna 206, Cessna 208, King Air, Citation, and other aircraft. Our Universal Mission Console (see below) may be just the solution you're looking for, or we can customize it to your application. Let us know what you need and we'll be happy to help you develop a model to present to your customer, along with a competive quote.

aerospace 3D printing, rapid prototypes and mockups
Rapid Prototyping
Engineering Mockups and Prototypes

Our colocated engineers, technicians, 3D printers, fabrication shop, and assembly area can produce marketing and presentation mockups of your latest ideas quickly and accurately while protecting your intellectual property. We have created marketing and training mockups for military operators, equipment manufacturers and DoD prime contractors who need to present their latest equipment at trade shows and demonstrations.

aircraft custom parts
Parts Fabrication
Aerospace Parts Fabrication

We have an in-house aircraft sheet metal fabrication and assembly shop, including aluminum machining, aluminum or nomex honeycomb panel cutting and construction, parts kitting parts with hardware, wire harness fabrication, aircraft component painting and more.

aircraft turret installation
Aircraft Modifications
Aircraft Modifications

We provide engineering design and parts fabrication support for special missions aircraft such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconaissance) aircraft, weather research aircraft, firefighting aircraft, medevac aircraft, maritime surveillance, military CDA (Commercial Derivative Aircraft), as well as business aircraft. We don't have a hangar - We design and build parts for our customers to install.

AS9100D certification
AS9100D Certified
Quality System

Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D, providing our customers peace of mind that material traceabilty and conformance to design data will be maintained. We are also DDTC registered and anticipate approval for PMA fabrication soon.

We provide custom design and fabrication support for aircraft modification companies, including: aircraft sheet metal assemblies, machinings, special missions consoles, turret mounts, antenna doublers, camera holes kits, sensor mounts, control panels, instrument panels, and 3D printed prototypes and mockups. Our primary customers are MROs, Part 145 Repair Stations, and DoD Prime Contractors who modify aircraft for special missions, ISR, maritime surveillance, weather research, firefighting, and research and development. We also support business aircraft with avionics upgrades, instrument panels and antenna installations.

What sets us apart?

We focus on working collaboratively to assure on-time, accurate part and data deliveries that meet or exceed expectations. We are experienced, proactive, and respond to most requests within minutes. Our customers are rarely waiting on us.

Streamlined Design and Build Projects
AirMods has degreed aerospace design engineers and experienced aircraft technicians colocated in the same facility to allow for streamlined coordination and real-time feedback for contracted design and build projects.

Competitive Pricing
We offer hourly, per-project and per-kit pricing. We work to provide realistic estimates based on decades of experience, and maintain continuous internal and external lines of coordination to deliver projects on time and under budget.

AirMods Products

Mission Consoles

The AirMods Universal Mission Console provides maximum flexibility for fielding mission and test equipment on virtually any platform. Rated for 18g loads, the UMC-100 can be populated in a lab or hangar and mounted to an aircraft or other vehicle in a matter of minutes. The console includes a dual collapsable monitor support and 15U of rack space, with available adapters for Dzus-mounted equipment, pull-out table or keyboard, circuit breakers, blank removable panels for mounting any type of electrical quick-disconnect, and stowable/removable lids for transportation. Also includes handles and tie-downs for lifting and securing, and a solid aluminum base plate for adapting to any airframe structure. For more information, see our Universal Misison Console Datasheet

Turret Lifter
ISR Turret Lifter

AirMods has designed a portable turret lifter for mounting Wescam MX-20 and MX-25 turrets to low-clearance areas of aircraft and helicopters. The AirMods turret lifter can be disassembled easily for transport aboard the aircraft. Developed in coordination with the manufacturer, the turret is supported using the shipping interface so that the mounting interface is unobstructed. The patent-pending yoke interface allows for rotation in three axes (aircraft pitch, roll and yaw) for alignment with the mounting surface. Please contact AirMods for details and pricing.

Turret Surrogates
Flight Test Surrogate Turrets

AirMods has designs for airworthy flight test surrogate turrets for the Wescam MX-15 and MX-20 so you can fly the shapes you need without risking damage to a real turret. Dimensionally, weight and CG equivalent, these turrets mount using the exact same interfaces and electrical connectors as the real thing. Please contact AirMods for details and pricing.

Previous Projects

Below are some examples of our previous projects.
Please contact us for details.

Latest News

Compression Riveter
Our Latest Addition to the Shop

Our new pneumatic compression riveter. This is going to save us lots of assembly time!

Universal Mission Console
More Mission Consoles Ordered

AirMods receives follow-on orders for the UMC-100 Universal Mission Console!

AS9100D Certified
AS9100D Certified

AirMods completes AS9100 Stage 2 audit with zero findings!

More Tooling and Mockups
A third 3D printer

AirMods aquires a third large format 3D printer for engineering mockups and prototype tooling.

Expansion Progress
The wall is down!

AirMods' expansion into the adjacent unit can now move forward!

AirMods Expansion
AirMods Triples in Size

AirMods signs a new lease to expand into adjacent space, tripling our square footage!


Todd Bailey

Todd is President of AirMods LLC. He has over 27 years' experience in aircraft modifications at eight different companies.

Mike Hershey
Manufacturing Manager

Mike is an A&P/IA with over 30 years' experience in aircraft parts manufacturing at large and small companies.

Phil Gonzalez
Production Manager

Phil has over 20 years of aircraft modification experience, both in parts production and as an avionics technician.

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